Mr. Sanjay Hamal


Mr. Sanjay Hamal completed his Ph.D. in Education from Kathmandu University, School of Education in 2021 with a fellowship awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark, and implemented in collaboration with Martin Chautari, Kathmandu University, Nepal, and Aarhus, University, Denmark. His Ph.D. research is focused on exploring and understanding different dynamics of school governance concerning its everyday functioning. Dr. Hamal is an educational research professional having experience in education policy, development policy, adult literacy, social anthropology, and everyday informal practices. Having worked in the National Planning Commission, the apex advisory body of the Government of Nepal for formulating a national vision, development policy, periodic plans, and sectoral policies, Dr. Hamal has expertise in preparing policy briefs, reports, and consultation. He also has a wide range of publications in journals and participation in national/international conferences.

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